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About Us

WAW Interiors specializes in residential and vacation home interior furnishing and decorating. With over 15 years of experience, we collaborate with our clients to offer custom designed turn-key furniture packages and designs, along with consulting, sourcing, logistics and installation services. Whether it's a single space, the entire home or the model unit of a new residential project, we believe that every room deserves the attention to detail that we provide.

Why Us

Furnishing a home is never as simple as it seems. Add to that, furnishing a home on an island and this can become a very daunting task. There’s hours of sourcing and shipment tracking, followed by all the arrangements for delivery, assembly, styling and clean up.

We pride ourselves on saving you time, stress and money.

Our team is experienced in understanding the needs, ideas and budget of every client and combining these into beautifully designed and tailored interiors. We have access to unique vendors and suppliers, and are therefore able to source quality pieces tailored specifically to your individual style.


Interior Design
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Interior Design
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